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In the 21st century, information rather than plant or equipment represents the most valuable asset for many companies. The viability of your business might well depend on your ability to control proprietary information and access to data in various forms. If you need advice about either side of a trade secrets or data confidentiality dispute, discuss your legal options with a seasoned trial lawyer at Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana.

Trade secrets litigation can arise from a business sale, a current or prior employment relationship, or disputed terms under a severance agreement. A trade secrets claim can also figure as a counterclaim or cross-claim in broader contract or intellectual property litigation.

Experienced Counsel for Either Side of Trade Secrets Disputes

Whether you need advice about presenting or defending claims related to trade secrets in your business, our attorneys can evaluate the issues, place them in their proper legal and strategic context, and as necessary, identify and resolve the insurance coverage issues that will affect our client's right to defense, indemnification or recovery of damages.

We continue to explore the strategically powerful implications of a legal principle that our attorneys established years ago: that the "advertising injury" coverage provisions of a commercial general liability policy can apply to trade secret misappropriation claims. This opens up important avenues of coverage for plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Callahan & Blaine filed a lawsuit for misappropriation of trade secrets on behalf of one of the largest real estate auction companies in the United States. Callahan & Blaine sued former employees of the company, who misappropriated company information about prime parcels and started their own business to sell them at a major auction at the Anaheim Convention Center. Our successful discovery, depositions and motion for injunctive relief caused the Court to issue an injunction preventing the auction from taking place only days after we filed the complaint, and resulted in a major monetary settlement.

In another case, we defended a former employee alleged to have used his old company's trade secrets in a new business. Although exclusions in his liability coverage meant that our client would probably not have been entitled to indemnification if the previous employer had proved its claims, we nevertheless convinced the insurer to accept defense of the case and later settle it. Our client now owns his own business free and clear of trade secrets or noncompetition claims.

Representing Clients in Greater Los Angeles and Southern California

Our law firm's ability to litigate the merits of trade secrets claims while making the most of any available insurance coverage represents a powerful combination for any party to complex contract, business tort or intellectual property disputes. Contact Callahan & Blaine to learn how our experience with trade secrets, noncompetition or nonsolicitation issues can benefit you.