Orange County Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Real Estate Dispute Resolution in Southern California

Callahan & Blaine's trial lawyers represent clients from consumers to multinationals in real estate litigation of all kinds: real estate transactions, developer disputes, lender claims, construction defects, fraud, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, contract litigation and many other conflicts and lawsuits arising out of the real estate realm. Contact our law firm in Santa Ana to learn about the scope of our practice and our strategies for resolving your real estate dispute.

A Tradition of Excellence in an Orange County Trial Practice

With a national reputation for excellence in litigation strategy and trial advocacy, Callahan & Blaine combines several attributes indispensable to success in the resolution of complex real estate disputes:

  • Thorough understanding of California real estate law and transactions
  • Mastery of litigation tactics concerning investigation, pleading, discovery, motions practice, arbitration, trial and appeal
  • Creative approach to the identification of claims, defenses, counterclaims and third-party practice
  • Integration of insurance coverage issues into litigation strategy at every stage of the case
  • Ability to present our client's story in clear and persuasive terms suited to the forum

In a complex real estate dispute, the lines between plaintiff and defendant can blur quickly as counterclaims and third-party claims develop and multiply. Our experience allows us to mount an effective defense to the original claim, resolve insurance coverage issues, and identify strong counterclaims or cross-claims at the same time in the same action.

For example, when our client homeowners' association was sued for damages related to the Whittier landslides, we defeated a liability insurer's attempt to avoid coverage, filed a highly successful bad faith action, pursued affirmative claims against third-party defendants, and proved malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty claims against the insurer's attorneys. As a result, our client and its homeowners recovered over $8.0 million.

We also have an extensive history of representing lenders, brokers, agents and many other business entities in complex real estate disputes. For example, we have successfully defended many commercial landlords and apartment owners and developers in complex disputes with banks, purchasers, tenants and other third-party claimants. Our understanding of commercial and residential real estate law and our demonstrated litigation skills can make a significant difference in the outcome of your dispute.

To learn more about our approach to client service in Southern California real estate litigation, contact Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana.