Orange County Professional Liability Attorneys

Negligent Acts, Errors or Omissions in Professional Service

Legal theories of professional liability can reach far beyond medical negligence or attorney malpractice in their scope. A disputed issue of professional liability need not necessarily involve a licensed professional, and it can occur in fields that until recently didn't even exist.

If your business dispute involves questions as to the performance of a professional in any field, contact Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana for the advice of outstanding trial attorneys. We advise clients engaged in complex litigation venued in Los Angeles, Orange County, statewide or jurisdictions around the United States. As well as evaluating the merits of a given professional liability claim or defense, our lawyers are known for their ability to reach liability insurance to support a defense or pay a valid claim, sometimes under novel theories of coverage.

Experienced Counsel in Southern California Professional Negligence Cases

Allegations of negligence against a lawyer, a real estate agent, an insurance broker, an accountant, a medical professional, a software consultant or any other professional can represent the principal claims in a lawsuit, or they can constitute instead important counterclaims or cross-claims in more complex litigation involving contract, fraud or tort claims.

One of our first steps in asserting or defending a professional liability claim is to determine whether liability coverage is in place. Commercial general liability insurance will not usually cover claims related to negligence in the performance of a professional services contract. As a result, many professionals are protected under malpractice insurance policies specific to their field or broader errors and omissions (E&O) coverage for negligent acts, errors or omissions in the performance of professional services.

If you're defending a claim related to your profession, we'll work toward getting the maximum coverage available under your policy. If your insurer denies coverage or accepts your defense under a reservation, Callahan & Blaine will hold the carrier to its commitment to the greatest extent possible. In practical terms, this means not only protecting your right to defense and indemnification but also control of the litigation, the right to independent counsel, and careful attention to the distinction between covered and uncovered claims.

If you're in the position of asserting a claim against an insured professional, the ability to collect negligence or malpractice damages covered under a liability policy can make a significant difference to litigation strategy and your dispute resolution options. Our clients benefit from Callahan & Blaine's ability to identify and develop professional liability claims in a wide variety of situations: commercial litigation, real estate litigation or business ownership disputes.

Find out more about our experience with the resolution of professional liability claims and insurance coverage issues. Contact Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana for more information about the scope of our practice.