California Business Litigation Involving Directors and Officers

Individual Liability for Corporate Business Decisions

Plaintiffs often name individual executives, corporate officers or directors as defendants in business disputes of all kinds, especially those involving claims for business torts such as defamation, fraud, trade secrets violations or advertising injury.

This tactic protects against the possibility that the plaintiff will prove the basic facts of its claim, but will not overcome the corporation's defense that the wrongful acts were unauthorized or effectively disclaimed by the larger entity. It also opens up the prospect for an early partial settlement with an individual defendant through directors and officers' liability insurance (D&O) coverage.

Orange County Trial Attorneys Experienced With D&O Claims

Callahan & Blaine's experience with complex business litigation and liability insurance coverage issues of all kinds allows us to evaluate, pursue or defend claims involving individual directors and officers as the situation requires. We also advise corporate directors and officers about their defense options and rights to coverage and indemnification under their D&O policies.

Our trial lawyers advise directors and officers facing liability or insurance coverage battles with respect to such issues as:

  • Shareholder litigation, including derivative actions
  • Negligence claims related to the oversight of corporate practices on environmental, product safety, workplace safety, or other regulatory issues
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Financial reporting errors that affect stock prices or earnings statements
  • Criminal or regulatory investigations by state or federal agencies
  • Corporate governance issues within the organization
  • Claims or counterclaims related to a merger or sale of the business
  • Defamation, unfair business practices, unfair competition or antitrust claims under California or federal law

Callahan & Blaine's experience with advanced investigation, pleading, discovery and trial techniques stands as a major advantage for clients who find themselves facing individual liability for business decisions. Our thorough familiarity with insurance law can also help directors and officers realize the maximum benefit of their D&O liability insurance protection.

For more information about the range of our client service for corporate directors and officers in complex litigation, contact a trial attorney at Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana.